Continuing Education, Traveling Workshop Series

Our New Traveling Workshop Winter and Spring 2020


The General Repair and restoration of an Old House, from the foundation to the top of the chimney!


We are now booking dates in 2020 for this three hour traveling workshop series. If you are interested in co-hosting an event in your area please email us or give us a call below:


Dr Christopher Cooper will instruct you on how to make your Old House work again – effectively and efficiently! Christopher understands that a modern Old House owner does not want to live in a museum, however, simple maintenance and knowledgeable DIY is an invaluable asset in creating a comfortable home environment, befitting an Old House.

Many owners of Old Houses (prior to 1950) find it hard to source reliable information on how these older houses function properly. This workshop is designed to educate the home owner on general repair and maintenance of, but not limited to:

  • Leaky foundations – why they leak and what is the remedy.
  • Adding-on and renovation do’s and don’ts
  • Plaster repair – flat wall and ceiling.
  • Repair of original wood windows and doors (to make them as efficient as modern replacements).
  • Stairs and railings.
  • Flooring – hardwood and softwood.
  • Ventilation, damp and insulation.
  • Masonry – stone and brick.
  • Roofing – best roofing materials and proper flashing, chimneys.
  • Water distribution – eaves and downspouts.
  • Wooden gingerbread and millwork elements, repair and replication.
  • Wood rot and insect repair.


Winter and Spring 2020 (3 Hours)


At your location in Ontario, Canada

Your Instructor:

Dr Christopher Cooper, Master Restoration & Preservation Expert…

What’s Included:

A take away workbook with many resources for the Old Home owner.

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