Wood Window Restoration eWorkshop


Dr. Christopher Cooper will take you through the entire documentation and evaluation process – through to the full repair and restoration process of your original wood windows in detailed close-up video step-by-step instructions.

People complain about their drafty old wood windows, how about the same complaints about replacement windows, and have the same complaint after spending thousands of dollars. You will never see a return on your investment as long as you live. The so-called energy savings with respects to replacement windows are marginal at best (approximately 60 cents a year). The fact is that with the tools of knowledge and the know-how this detailed close-up eWorkshop will supply you with will make your old drafty wood windows as energy efficient than any replacement window on the market today. All you need is the tools of knowledge and expertise of Dr. Cooper helping you along the way.


Eighteen highly detailed video lessons:

(plus three bonus lessons)

Lesson One

Have you ever wondered what that pointy-top window is called? This lesson will take you through the numerous window designs and patterns.

Lesson Two

This lesson will go through the complete anatomy of a sash window, its parts and how they function.

Lesson Three

This lesson will take you through the entire documentation and evaluation process, to decide where to start your window restoration project.

Lesson Four

This lesson will instruct you on how to make the decision on which window to start on first. And, what to do when the window is removed and you have a big hole in the side of your house?

Lesson Five

This lesson will go through all the little things you should prepare for when you are ready to remove the sashes from their jamb set.

Lesson Six

This is the tricky one, they go up and down, but how do you get the lower sash out of the jamb set? This lesson has step-by-step detailed instructions on how to get the sash window free from years of built up paint. And, how and where to paint on the Jamb set.

Lesson Seven

This lesson will instruct you, step-by-step, in how to get that almost impossible upper sash out of its jamb set.

Lesson Eight

This lesson is one of the most important! How best to remove old hard putty and not break your wonderful wavy original glass.

Lesson Nine

This lesson you will learn the best methods of stabilizing the sash and best practices to repair damage.

Lesson Ten

ROT… the scourge of any wooden element on your home! In this lesson you will learn how to use high-tech epoxies to repair rot in wood, making it ready for another 100 years of service. Christopher, will also show you how to replace a corner with little woodworking experience.

Lesson Eleven

The muntin bars (the thin profiled wooden pieces between the glass panes) need special attention. This lesson will instruct you on how best to remove paint and make repairs.

Lesson Twelve

Original glass is one of the most important parts of your antique windows, in this lesson you will learn the proper method of cleaning the glass and getting it ready for re-installation.

Lesson Thirteen

Learn how to back-putty the interior side of the windows and how to reinstall glass and set glazing points.

Lesson Fourteen

Learn how to re-putty the exterior side of the windows and how to run perfect putty lines.

Lesson Fifteen

This lesson instructs you on best practices to re-paint your sashes and how to remove unwanted paint from the glass areas.

Lesson Sixteen

This lesson covers the step-by-step process of re-installing the sash windows.

Lesson Seventeen

This lesson will take you through How to reinstall the windows both guillotine and with weights and pulleys.

Lesson Eighteen

This lesson provides you with tips on how to keep your wood windows more energy efficient.

Bonus Lesson One

This lesson will show you how to install wood storm windows and all the benefits of wooden storms.

Bonus Lesson Two

This lesson will provide you with all the top 10 reasons to restore and repair your antique wood windows.

Bonus Lesson Three

Many of us, during the restoration of our houses, have had to deal with cracked window glass from time to time. Cracked glass can cause all sorts of discomforts when a cold breeze is finding its way through the gap during inclement weather.

Bonus Four

Have Your Questions Answered By Dr. Cooper

At the end of your course there will be the opportunity to send questions about your wood windows directly to Dr. Cooper via email.

Your Instructor:

Dr. Christopher Cooper has four decades of experience in the hands-on restoration and rehabilitation and design of heritage buildings both domestic and commercial on five continents. Christopher has written and researched and published many books on the workings and repair of historic homes and buildings.

Since 2002 Dr. Cooper has been the Editor-in-Chief, photographer and writer of the most influential magazine in Canada dedicated to owners of historic buildings Old Home Living by Edifice Magazine.

Dr. Cooper is the senior fellow and founder at the Edifice Atelier an educational institute fundamentally created with the intent on educating home owners and young people on lost arts as it relates to heritage buildings and architecture.

Recently Christopher has embarked on creating several multi-award winning television series and documentaries in which he writes, produces and hosts.

Christopher has lectured all over the world and has become well known for his laid-back humorous and lively approach to his workshops.

Who Should Take This Course:

This Workshop is specifically designed for the amateur restorationist interested in saving his/her irreplaceable wood windows. This is considered an intermediate course and is part of the Heritage Maintenance Program and credits will apply for Edifice Guild accreditation.


This course provides 6 Edifice Guild CPD points and is awarded after a short aptitude quiz is completed.

A printable certificate will be emailed upon satisfactory completion of quiz. The certificate is also available to any homeowner who would like to further their own CPD (Certified Professional Development).

Cost $450

A very special $150 off offer of only $300.00 (Limited Time)


Pay $300.00 now to take this e-Workshop, payment is through a secure PayPal account

You will receive your Login Link and Password within 24 hours (your subscription does not start until your information is sent)

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*This course is not for public performance or to be shared. Your login and password is unique to your IP address and will be automatically suspended if circumvented or has suspicious multiple IP addresses attempting to access the site. All of our eWorkshops are copyrighted under Canadian copyright law and no part may be copied or electronically recorded for any reason or use.

Once the password and login information is provided our policy is that there is no refund, either in part or in whole.

The short filmed aptly named “The Window” by: Dr. Christopher Cooper

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