Edifice Huron Campus


Tuesday June 18th, 2019

The Edifice Atelier Huron Campus

We’re delighted to have reached this major milestone. Edifice Guild & Atelier would like to announce that we will provide the School of Heritage Contractor Sciences within the exceptional location of the Municipality of Huron East. It will accommodate a wide variety of teaching and heritage craft learning spaces, all set within the lovely environment of the historic downtown core of Seaforth, Ontario with its distinctive well-preserved Italianate period streetscape.

The move to open the Huron Campus will enable us to continue to thrive and grow our own unique identity as a leader in the field of conservation and construction/renovation sciences for the Western Ontario region.

Improving the teaching and learning of Edifice Atelier subjects can be effectively achieved through developing links and cooperation between schools and businesses as well as established contractors, allowing for mutual learning experiences for the benefit of all stakeholders.

The Edifice Atelier offers high quality research-informed hands-on studies, professionally focused programs and technical skills to help our students achieve their future entrepreneurial career path. By creating knowledge with our 35 years of expertise and research, sharing information through our courses and making business and client connections through acceptance into the Edifice Guild of Master Craftsmen, we help enable our Professional Intensive students to realize their potential and achieve life-changing outcomes.

The Edifice Guild of Master Craftsmen

In a second project planned for the Huron Campus is to establish a guild charter of the Edifice Guild.

The Edifice Guild is an international skilled trade and training association, representing skilled and rated tradespeople, merchants, artisans, products, services and other professionals who strive for the uppermost quality in workmanship and excellence.

Its aims are to protect the skills, artistry and integrity of its guilds members and clearly define the skilled from the unskilled, thus enabling the consumer to choose an Edifice Guild member to facilitate the work or service they require with confidence.

The Edifice Guild’s website will provide a link between the consumer and the Edifice Guild members that are thoroughly assessed, trained and or upgraded to earn the right to be a member of the Edifice Guild.

From our Director of Education Dr. Christopher Cooper:

“These two projects are central to our overall ambition of creating an environment that truly supports teaching, research and an unrivaled student experience. We are delighted to have been given the green light to progress these projects and are excited by the prospect of the fabulous close-knit yet diverse intellectual and creative community that the Edifice Guild & Atelier’s staff, students and visitors will experience upon completion of the charter for May of 2020.”

“We’re are also pleased about the wider contribution of the Municipality of Huron East and especially Jan Hawley, Mayor Bernie MacLellan and the council (of the Municipality of Huron East) who have been instrumental in securing space on the third floor of Town hall in Seaforth for a hands-on learning environment. We are confident that these projects and others can make a positive impact on a small municipality, especially in rural Ontario.”

As we move forward, we invite businesses, organizations and potential instructors to contact us about collaboration, sponsorship or teaching opportunities.

For further information, please contact:

Dr Christopher Cooper Director of Education