Erin Zagar

Erin was raised in the area of Dundas Ontario, a region steeped with historical residential properties.  With interest in drafting and building (forts) while growing up, she eventually landed a job with a local Architect and dabbled in night school. A few years after she graduated high school the era of computers was upon us so she set aside her initial interests in architecture and started a career in Information technology and computers.  Initially a print operator she quickly worked her way up to project management within the corporate world.

While working for a large corporate Telecommunication company, the organization adjusted their hiring policy, only hiring those with University degrees. To assist those already employed who didn’t have degrees, they started a part time studies paid education program.  Erin immediately took this opportunity to pursue her interests in Architectural Technology.  Studying at Ryerson University in night school she graduated in 1995 with honours.  Around the same time she married and started a family and started exploring her creative side painting murals.

In 2001 she designed an addition to her family home, during the construction she quickly realized the void of understanding for homeowners approaching the residential renovation industry.  She questioned how those without her knowledge of construction and architectural design navigated the process and system.  It made clear the potential for horror stories often highlighted by the media.

Consequently she retired from the corporate world in 2002 and launched EZDimensions, with the intention of providing home renovation design and permits through coaching and education.  She created a Home Renovation program for Sheridan College continuing education program and has been successfully building her career in the field ever since.

The goal of Erin, is to make home renovation easier through education and coaching.  Her mandate is to help her clients think through their decisions and choices to ensure they maintain control over their budget and minimize stress where possible.

Upcoming Courses:

Erin will be bringing her expertise to Adult courses starting in February of 2021… So stay Tuned!

Some of her amazing courses will include:

  • Home Renovation Essential Prep
  • Renovation planning begin with a pro and boundaries
  • All in Concepts Design
  • Sculpting a Scope of Work
  • Applications and Contracts
  • Details & Decisions
  • Permits & Teams
  • Home Renovation Survival

Looking forward to these amazing courses… and welcome home Erin to the Edifice Atelier.

Dr. Christopher Cooper | Director of Education