The Edifice Atelier Institute

The Old House Restoration & Repair for Homeowners – A new approach to help historic homeowners get the high quality, research-informed information they need to repair and restore their most valuable possession… their homes! Now you can take our award winning course from anywhere in the world!

Sunday, November 28, 2021 at 12:00 – 3:00 pm+

We are now taking applications for the winter session of the Heritage Maintenance Guild Programme to start this Winter. Edifice Atelier will be releasing this intensive programme to address the most called for disciplines in high demand from heritage home and commercial building owners across Canada and the United States. Edifice has been the guiding light for consumers for the past two decades.

These consumers rely on Edifice to provide them with the best advice and recommendations for their heritage properties. We realize that we need to attract more Guild’s Members as we can not meet the current demands.

Upcoming Workshops at a Glance

Edifice has become a legend with their vast knowledge of older houses and what best practices are available to put them right, sympathetically and aesthetically.”

Nigel W, Cambridge

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  1. Linda Palmer says:

    We own a ca1910 home in Alabama that needs more restoration. Looking forward to reading your posts and getting tips. Thank you!


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