Structured Edifice Atelier CPD

Structured Edifice Atelier CPD (Certified Professional Development) is considered a formal learning environment, which typically includes training courses, online e-Learning programs, workshops, and seminars that have been accredited and conform to both Edifice Atelier’s and The Edifice Guild’s CPD guidelines and standards. When a student intern has completed a course of Edifice Atelier’s structured CPD, they will be provided with an Edifice Atelier CPD certificate of attendance/completion, which can be used as part of the individual’s personal Edifice Atelier CPD record, which is kept in our archives data base for ten years (A record is archived in perpetuity after ten years).

Blue-Collar Scholar

All Edifice Guild & Atelier’s courses are designed for a potential student intern to open an independent professional consultancy with confidence along with the tools of scholarly knowledge needed to be successful within our unique fields of study we have developed.

An international atelier program in traditional skills established in 2002, to provide a robust response to the challenges presented by the absence of knowledge and skills in North America and around the world. We are actively involved in developing and delivering a broad based demand-led education and training program, to equip individuals and organizations, locally and throughout North America, with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the current and future conservation, repair and maintenance requirements of our traditional buildings.