Research Institute


The Edifice Atelier Research Institute

The building and construction industry represents one of the largest endeavors in North America. This sector comprises of businesses primarily engaged in constructing, repairing and renovating buildings. Everyday new innovations come to the market to better the construction industry. With little to no independent testing of the materials in real time simulations.

The Edifice Atelier Research Institute includes teaching and applications of the fundamentals of technology as well as research in technology for the next generation of building products. Areas of focus include building materials, building systems, energy and lighting in buildings, air and thermal quality control, and building products and materials simulation.

The Edifice Atelier Research Institute provides independent research and testing on products and systems as it relates to older and historic buildings as well as new construction. Research and testing include, fundamentals of technology, applications to buildings from paint to roofing, design studios, laboratories, and a climate chamber.