WE WANT YOU… to teach at the Edifice Atelier

What does the Edifice Atelier offer our teaching fellows?

We offer a platform for creative people to organize, promote, and deliver online classes. This includes:

  • Beautiful online listing for your class
  • Access to our community of learners
  • Secure online payments
  • Integrated remote video platform (Zoom)
  • We also offer collaboration with our fully equipped film studio

We do our best to simplify the logistics, so you can focus on crafting the class experience.

Are you interested in teaching an e-learning course at the Edifice Atelier? Let us know about your art, craft or specialized skill. Edifice Atelier’s personal aim is to sustain a close-knit yet diverse intellectual and creative community that excels in design, art, crafts, teaching, and research. If you are wanting to teach, we can provide you with a fully equipped online environment and film studios to bring your course idea to life.

As we move forward to create new and innovative professional intensive and continuing education courses, we look forward to introducing new Teaching Fellows at the Atelier. We are now actively searching for teaching fellows for continuing education courses, both live (Zoom) and potential e-learning filming opportunities.

What topics should I offer and pitch to the Edifice Atelier?

We encourage you to teach classes on topics you are passionate about and very experienced with, and ideally that you have taught before. We welcome classes on all subjects as related to our unique genre and in all formats for any age. We generally suggest offering a range of classes including introductory, intermediate, and expert classes that meet our criteria.

Who can teach?

The Edifice Atelier does not require formal teaching credentials. We believe that many adults can offer rewarding classes based on their experience and interests.

What does it cost? And how do I get paid?

It’s free to list static pre-recorded and completed courses on our Learning Management System (LMS) or live Zoom classes. We take a 40% service fee from enrollments, so we only get paid when we succeed in bringing you learners. You have full control over the listed price for a class and number of participants (Zoom). You receive payment via PayPal or direct deposit after the class ends (live Zoom) within 48 hours.

If we are producing a class for you in our film studios. We take a 70% service fee from enrollments, so we only get paid when we succeed in bringing you learners. As your course is a static self serve course you will receive payment via PayPal or direct deposit once a month depending on sales.

So why 70%? Each filmed education package to shoot, edit and create costs approximately $45,000 – $75,000 in production costs, which becomes our responsibility.

A small selection of the courses we are developing (looking for):

  • Bookbinding,
  • Pottery and tile,
  • Blacksmithing and forge work,
  • Tinsmithing,
  • Knitting, crochet, quilting, fabric arts
  • Leather work,
  • Print making,
  • Rug hooking,
  • Sign making,
  • Picture framing,
  • Photography,
  • Period lighting and design,
  • Fine art, sketching, illustration,
  • Gardening, horticulture,
  • Animal husbandry,
  • Homesteading,
  • Straw bale construction,
  • Adobe/Cob construction,

A few tips on creating an Engaging Course:

It is important to make sure you are engaging your students with a well-structured, practical, and rewarding course experience.

Choose your course topic:

Pick something you are very experienced in and genuinely excited about.

Define your target student and course goals:

Before you begin creating an outline content for your course, it’s important to determine who you are teaching and where you want to take your students by the end of your course.

Create your course outline:

Your course outline is the foundation for your course — this is where you decide how you will structure and visualize your content.

Please fill out the form below and we will contact you to discuss your exciting future with the Edifice Atelier:

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