Edifice Guild Code of Ethics

We are the artisans, we need to unite, we need our voices to be heard and to preserve our future!!!

Behaving ethically is at the heart of what it means to be an Edifice Guild member; it distinguishes professionals from others in the marketplace.

We’ve created a clear and streamlined set of professional and ethical standards to guide our members and ensure that all those we deal with have confidence in us.

 All members must demonstrate that they:

  • Act with integrity,
  • Always provide a high standard of service,
  • Act in a way that promotes trust in your profession,
  • Treat others with respect,
  • Take responsibility,
  • Act with integrity,
  • Being trustworthy in all that you do.
Edifice Guild Code of Ethics
  1. Being open and transparent in the way you work. Sharing appropriate and necessary information with your clients and/or others to conduct business and doing so in a way so they can understand that information.
  2. Respecting confidential information of your clients and potential clients.
  3. Don’t divulge Edifice Guild information to others unless it is appropriate to do so.
  4. Not taking advantage of a client, a colleague, a third party or anyone to whom you owe a duty of care.
  5. Not allowing bias, conflict of interest or the undue influence of others to override your professional or business judgements and obligations.
  6. Making clear to all interested parties where a conflict of interest, or even a potential conflict of interest, arises between you and your client.
  7. Acting consistently in the public interest when it comes to making decisions or providing advice.
  8. Members shall not engage in any unlawful activities, including:  State, Provincial, Municipal and or Federal laws that would directly or indirectly materially adversely affect the Edifice Guild’s reputation, or a Guild’s Member’s reputation.
  9. Members shall not engage in or facilitate any discriminatory or harassing behavior directed toward the general public (including public servants), or staff, Guild’s Members, officers, directors of the Edifice Guild.
  10. Non-renewal or termination of membership, the member shall not abrogate from his or her continuing obligations of confidentiality with respect to information acquired as a consequence of his or her Guild participation/membership.
  11. Violation of this Code will be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors of the Edifice Guild and Atelier.
  12. The Guild only files ethics complaints when they are substantiated by facts. The Guild pursues disciplinary action against an individual who retaliates against a person raising ethics concerns.
  13. When encountering potential conflicts of interest, members are asked to identify the conflict and remove themselves from all discussion on the matter.

Members of the Edifice Guild affirm their endorsement of this Code of ethics and acknowledge their commitment to uphold its principles and obligations by accepting and retaining membership.