Student 1

Message from the Director of Education:

“My personal aim is to sustain a close-knit yet diverse intellectual and creative community that excels in design, teaching and research.

It is an honour to be the Senior Teaching Fellow and the Director of Education at the Edifice Atelier Institute, primarily because of the intelligent and entrepreneurial nature of our professional intensive students and Guilds members, and the outstanding initiatives of our Academic Fellows.

As we move forward to create new and innovative professional intensive and continuing education courses, I look forward to introducing new Teaching Fellows at the Atelier.”

Dr. Christopher Cooper | Director of Education

Our Mandate:

Canada’s premier atelier program in traditional skills established in 2002, to provide a robust response to the challenges presented by the absence of knowledge and skills in Canada. We are actively involved in developing and delivering a broad based demand-led education and training program, to equip individuals and organizations, locally and throughout North America, with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the current and future conservation, repair and maintenance requirements of our traditional buildings.

We are as well an extraordinarily small guild with the aim of providing lost heritage skill sets to aid in the restoration and preservation of heritage houses and to a lessor degree heritage commercial buildings across North America.

Our mission is to educate property owners and most importantly nurture our Guild’s Members through mentorship for what we represent, Heritage Conservation! We need to help unite the skilled and educated craftspeople with heritage property owners, to ensure the appropriate practices are undertaken to safeguard the future of our built heritage.

Blue-Collar Scholar:

All Edifice Guild & Atelier’s courses are designed for a potential student intern to open an independent professional consultancy with confidence along with the tools of scholarly knowledge needed to be successful within our unique fields of study we have developed.

Our Commitment:

The Edifice Atelier offers high quality research-informed online studies, professionally focused programs and technical skills to help you achieve your future entrepreneurial career path in heritage conservation. By creating knowledge with our nearly four decades of expertise and research, sharing information through our courses and making business and client connections through acceptance into the Edifice Guild of Master Craftsmen.