Research Library

The Edifice Atelier Research Library

The Edifice Atelier Research Library is an essential part of the instructional life at the Edifice Atelier. Its collection contains a very modest yet robust count of over 1,000 rare curriculum-related books, pattern books, modern and historic periodicals, drawings and images both tangible and digital – some from the early eighteenth century.

The library is committed to providing Edifice Atelier students, Edifice Guild members and faculty, as well as visiting researchers, important rare books and images that embodies the teachings of the Edifice Atelier. The library will soon be available through an online public access catalog. During the cataloging and digitization there will be opportunity in the future to purchase digital copies of our rare book and periodical collection to help fund the library.

We would like to grow our library into one of the largest architectural based sciences reference library in North America. We welcome donations of funds and most of all books, photographs and white/blue prints to grow our library. Please help us in our goal of 25,000 rare research collections of publications, conceptual studies, drawings, plans, models, prints, photographs, related artifacts, ephemera and film archives of individual buildings – both tangible and digital for the year 2023.