A New Season Launches This Month!

It is very exciting times at the Edifice Atelier! Over the past twenty years we have brought forward our celebrated intern training programs and have now mentored student interns around the world to repair and maintain these irreplaceable buildings filled with character and quality.

9 Common Heritage Masonry Problems

The appearance of brick and stone masonry owes as much to the character of the mortar joints as to the brick and stones themselves. Unsuitable poorly executed repointing can affect not only the look but also the durability of masonry and is amongst the most frequent causes of damage to the character and fabric of a historic building.

Start a New Career | Heritage Masonry Repair Programme

There is a critical shortage of heritage masonry repair professionals who perform small lime masonry repair and repointing jobs on the vast stock of older houses and commercial buildings across Canada and the United States.

Master Course | Backyard Birds

SOLD-OUT This master course is designed to educate aspiring backyard bird owners on the hatching and maintenance of, but not limited to: