Edifice Guild

Representing North American craftspeople and artisans with skill, integrity and expertise

The Edifice Guild is North America’s established trade and training association, representing skilled and rated tradespeople, merchants, artisans, craftspeople and other professionals who strive for the highest quality in workmanship.

We are the artisans, we need to unite, we need our voices to be heard to preserve our future!!!

A Message from the Director of Education:

Hello, my name is Dr Christopher Cooper – as an educator, writer and design/builder for nearly four decades I know how hard it is to find quality vetted craftspeople to do work on the most valued and costly investment of your life – your house!

As the editor-in-chief of Old Home Living magazine and host of Old Home Living Streaming Television I am continually approached by the consumer for recommendations on finding a skilled crafts-person, service or product.

The Edifice Guild is an international skilled trade and training association, representing skilled and rated tradespeople, merchants, artisans, products, services and other professionals who strive for the uppermost quality in workmanship and excellence.

Its aims are to protect the skills, artistry and integrity of its guilds members and clearly define the skilled from the unskilled, thus enabling the consumer to choose an Edifice Guild member to facilitate the work or service they require with confidence.

The Edifice Guild’s website will provide a link between the consumer and the Edifice Guild members that are thoroughly assessed, trained and or upgraded to earn the right to be a member of the Edifice Guild.

Edifice Guild – Learning from the Past to Preserve our Future

The Edifice Guild’s objectives are to assist members to obtain more work… by increasing consumers perception of their skill and integrity.

There is a need to bring together all skilled people and professionals engaged in a craft, art, related product, profession, trade or vocation to safeguard their interests. To perpetuate the survival and success of their particular craft.

We want to provide clear identification and recognition for members… so as to enable the public to distinguish them from the unskilled and unscrupulous…

To promote to the public the work of our guilds-members, their integrity, professional expertise and honour, their high standards and the value for money which they offer to the consumer.

We publicize these high standards through our streaming television series Old Home Living and Old Home Living Magazine, and through our social media channels and national advertising. Thus, creating public awareness of the ideals and aims of the Edifice Guild and its members.

Edifice Guild Benefits

  • Yearly Guild Resource Guide: Annual digital publication distributed free to municipal government (i.e. municipal heritage) and to the public, with direct embedded links to your website.
  • Continuing articles promoting the guild and its members in Old Home Living Magazine Articles. Inclusion in the Stockist list at the end of each article when the article pertains to your business.
  • Email referral service to the consumers. We receive many emails from subscribers to Old Home Living Magazine – looking for qualified craftsmen in their area – we will provide a return email with direct contact links.
  • Continuous social media representation for the Edifice Guild brand over all our outlets.
  • Inclusion in the online directory in the consumer area of the Edifice Guild and Old Home Living’s website(s), by province and discipline.
  • Representation at our traveling trade and symposium shows, to raise awareness for the Edifice Guild brand.
  • Continuing promotion and Edifice Guild brand awareness on our streaming television series Old Home Living.
  • Reduced rates on our content marketing programs. For example: streaming television series, promotional videos, third party content marketing articles based on your brand. Don’t have a website? We can provide a web page with a unique web address directly on our site.
  • Ongoing training and upgrading courses and workshops to train guilds-members on new aspects of their business as well as staff training at the Edifice Atelier Institute Oxford Campus or through distance learning. The Edifice Atelier can also create custom training programs for your employees.
  • Technical briefs, articles and videos.
  • *The use of the Edifice Guild logo on all your printed material – i.e. your website, letterhead, business cards etc.
  • Yearly meet and greet and awards symposium.

* The Edifice Guild Logo cannot be used on a product showing endorsement, unless an endorsement agreement has been made with the product manufacturer and the Edifice Guild.